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The Province of Nova Scotia is currently experiencing a shortage of Medical Laboratory Technologists (MLTs).  To help address this shortage Nova Scotia is exploring an opportunity for internationally educated MLTs who are currently living in Canada to participate in the Medical Laboratory Science Bridging program offered through the Michener Institute in Toronto, Ontario.The 16-week program would be a blendedmodelthatwillallowparticipantstostudyon-lineandcompletelab workatvarious sites in Nova Scotia.As currently modeled, participants would not need to go to Toronto for any component of the program.  Participants would engage in on-line study on weekday evenings and engage in hands-on laboratory training on the weekends.  Participants would have the cost of the Michener program covered by Nova Scotia and would be paid to work for Nova Scotia Health as a Medical Laboratory Assistants (MLA) during week days while participating in the Bridging program.

Information ontheMichenerprogramisfoundhere:

In order to qualify for this opportunity you must be currently living in Canada, agree to move to Nova Scotia, work as a MLA while participating in the Bridging program, and after successfully completing the Bridging program and writing the MLT licensing exam agree to work as a Medical Laboratory Technologist for a defined period of time, yet to be determined.

The next intake for the Michener Bridging program is January 2023.  Nova Scotia is currently working to identify potential candidates for this opportunity that:

  1. have undergone a prior learning assessment by the CanadianSocietyforMedicalLaboratoryScience(CSMLS)andhasbeenidentifiedasrequiring skill and knowledge enhancement training in order to write the licensing exam to practice in Canada, OR
  2. are currently in the process of undergoing a prior learning assessment by CSMLS and will have the outcome of the assessment by mid-October, 2022, which is when Nova Scotia must inform Michener of the names of participants.

Nova Scotia is prepared to cover the cost of the CSMLS prior learning assessment.

Ifyouareinterestedin participating in thisopportunity or have questions about the opportunity,please reply to this email immediately, indicating:

  1. Where you currently reside
  2. That you meet the conditions of option a or b above. 

If you have not yet engaged with CSMLS for a prior learning assessment we are still interested in hearing from you.  Please reply to this email indicating that you have not yet engaged with CSMLS.


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September 14 2022

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Land Acknowledgement - NSCMLT would like to begin by respectfully acknowleding that the province of Nova Scotia is the ancestral homelands of many diverse populations and acknowledge that we are on the traditional lands, referred to as Mi'kma'ki the ancestral and unceded territory of the Mi'kmaq People who are the founding people of Nova Scotia under the "Treaties of Peace and Friendship". We respect the Peace and Friendship treaties, we acknowledge the harms and mistakes of the past, and we dedicate ourselves to move forward in partnership with Indigenous communities in a spirit of reconciliation and collaboration.  

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