Nova Scotia College of Medical Laboratory Technologists

License Exemption

To provide interpretation of Section 42(w) of the Medical Laboratory Technology Act of Nova Scotia.

Individuals may only be exempt for the area(s) in which they hold a Master or Doctoral degree (s) and who do not possess a Medical Laboratory Diploma.

Procedure: Section 42(w) of the Act states:

“42 Nothing in this Act applies to or prevents

(w) the carrying out of laboratory investigations by scientists with a university degree at the Master's or Doctorate level with in-depth clinical knowledge* in their field of laboratory medicine**;”

For the purpose of this policy,

*in-depth clinical knowledge refers to: an individual who is proficient in clinical management, clinical techniques, clinical teaching and clinical scientific research in the medical diagnostic laboratory environment. An individual with a Doctorate in Clinical (Medical) Microbiology or Clinical Biochemistry may also choose to complete a Postdoctoral training program in Medical Microbiology approved and accredited by the Canadian College of Microbiologists or a Postdoctoral training program in Clinical Biochemistry, approved and accredited by the Canadian Academy of Clinical Biochemistry, respectively.

**laboratory medicine may include but is not restricted to: Anatomical/General Pathology, Hematopathology, Neuropathology, Clinical/Medical Microbiology (Bacteriology, Immunology, Virology), Transfusion Science, Clinical/Medical Biochemistry, Clinical Genetics (Molecular Genetics, Cytogenetics) and Diagnostic Cytology. (Pathology may also be referred to as Pathobiology). Biology, Physiology and Pharmacology may also be considered, if the area of study is related to clinical laboratory medicine.

Individuals who possess a Master’s, Doctorate or Postdoctoral degree in one or more of the areas mentioned above, MUST APPLY TO THE NSCMLT FOR AN EXEMPTION under Section 42(w) of the Medical Laboratory Technology Act before beginning to practice in a clinical laboratory. A signed in dept job description by the employer must also be received.

If cases arise which do not fall within the scope of this policy, the Credentials Committee will review each case on an individual basis and render a decision. This decision will then be used as a guideline for future cases of a similar nature

Date Developed: 2005

Reviewed Dates 2009; June 2012

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