Nova Scotia College of Medical Laboratory Technologists

Regulatory College Role vs MLT Role




Establishes registration and licensing processes and requirements

Meets initial and ongoing licensure/registration requirements 

Establishes, monitors and enforces standards in ethics and practice

Adheres to the code of ethics and standards fo MLT practice

Establishes and maintains the scope of MLT practice as MLT knowledge advances 

Practices within the established scope of practice and their own scope of practice

Establishes MLT education standards and approves MLT education programs leading to initial entry to the profession

Graduates from an approved MLT program. 


Other roles are act as mentor and preceptor for MLT students and contributes to curriculum development 

Establishes, and monitors and maintains quality assurance, continuing competence and education requirements of MLTs related to their individual scope. Ensures MLTs are continually learning to maintain standards and enhancing the practice

Maintains and enhances practice competence and fitness


Participates in continuous quality improvement initiatives in the workplace.


Participates in continuing education to remain current in advancing medical laboratory practice 


Establishes and maintains professional conduct, review processes to investigate allegations/complaints and concerns about MLTs’ practice and implements disciplinary action as required

Upholds standards and ethical codes and reports concerns about unsafe, incompetent and unethical behaviour or care

Question and act when concerns are put forward about patient healthcare

Ensure you practice within your individual scope of practice and maintain high quality testing


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