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Step 5: How do I complete the Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science Prior Learning Assessment?

The CSMLS Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) evaluates your academic credentials, practical learning, professional development and work history to find out if you meet the Canadian national standards for an MLT.

All the information you need to complete the Prior Learning Assessment can be found on the CSMLS website.

On the website you will find:

  • Prior Learning Assessment handbook and application
  • Competency profiles - personal competency rating booklet for general laboratory technologist, diagnostic cytology medical laboratory technologists, and clinical genetics medical laboratory technologists.
  • Comprehensive resource guide and online self-assessment tool
  • Certification exam information and resource.

 There are four types of PLA results:

  1. You meet the requirements and are eligible to write the CSMLS certification exam.
  2. You meet most of requirements but there is a deficiency in your education or experience. CSMLS may be able to help you find ways to fulfill that deficiency so that you can then write the certification exam. Please see section below "Fulfilling My Education Deficiency Through a Bridging Program ".
  3. You do not meet the requirements to be a registered medical laboratory technologist in Canada. You may receive information about other possible employment.
  4. Apply to the Nova Scotia Community College for the MLT program

Fulfilling My Education Deficiency Through a Bridging Program

If you do not complete the PLA, CSMLS will send you a report on the areas you need to improve. The report includes a learning plan outlining your required courses and the educational institutions offering those courses through bridging programs. Once you have completed the necessary courses you will then be eligible to write the CSMLS Medical Laboratory Certification Exam.

A recognized bridging program that will help you complete your skills: Michener Institute Bridging Programs

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