NSCMLT Registration

Step 8: How Do I Register with the Nova Scotia College of Medical Laboratory Technologists (NSCMLT) to practice as an MLT in Nova Scotia?


If you have passed your exam and have been certified by the CSMLS you can now apply for full registration with the NSCMLT to work in Nova Scotia as an MLT. If your CSMLS application has been accepted and you either haven't yet written the exam, are working on a skills deficiency education program outlined by your PLA or you are waiting for your exam results, you can apply to NSCMLT for temporary restricted license.

English Translations

All forms and documents you send us must be in English. If your original documents are not in English, you need to send notarized English translations of the original documents. This means your documents are translated by a certified translator and must be witnessed by a notary public who is a public official authorized to witness signatures and take oaths.

Application on file for one year

NSCMLT will keep your incomplete application for registration on file for one year.

PLEASE NOTE: You will be required to sign a declaration that you have not been found guilty of a criminal offence. (NSCMLT Criminal Convictions Policy)

Full Registration

You will need to send us the following:

  1. A complete NSCMLT Initial Application Form with applicable fees. Click below:
  2. An official sealed copy of your PLA report by mail.
  3. All documents as outlined in the initial application.

Temporary Registration

If you are preparing to write the CSMLS exam, waiting for the results of the exam, or in skills completion program to fulfil the deficiencies that CSMLS has outlined in your prior learning assessment, you can get a temporary registration to practice in Nova Scotia as an MLT, with restrictions.

Requirements for Temporary Registration:

  1. You must be either a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident of Canada, or have authorization under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (Canada).
  2. You must have a Prior Learning Assessment by CSMLS.
  3. You must be eligible to write the CSMLS MLT certification exam or in skills completion program to fulfill the deficiencies that CSMLS has outlined in your prior learning assessment.

Conditions for a NSCMLT Temporary Restricted License to Practice:

  1. You complete a PLA but do not have the complete skill sets in all disciplines required to get a license. You can apply for a temporary restricted license in a discipline in which you have met the Canadian skill sets through the PLA. You can practice as an MLT in that specific discipline under direct supervision of an MLT with an active license to practice in NS.
  2. You must be enrolled in a skills completion program recommended by CSMLS while working.
  3. A temporary license to practice is valid for one year or your first attempt at writing the CSMLS exam.
  4. If you do not pass the CSMLS exam after your second attempt, your temporary license will be revoked. You cannot practice as an MLT until you have passed the exam. Please see NSCMLT Temporary Restricted License Policy # 3.10.01 for requirements.
  5. You must upgrade from a temporary to an active license to practice before working as an MLT without direct supervision.
  6. Please visit our website for full information on a temporary restricted license.
  7. If you have previously written the CSMLS exam and were successful then you are not eligible for a temporary restricted license.


If you have completed the PLA and are waiting to write the CSMLS exam or waiting for your CSMLS exam results you may apply for a temporary license. Please submit the following documents with your initial application form:

Documents Required for Temporary License to Practice:

  1. A current and complete NSCMLT Initial Application form and applicable fees.
  2. An official sealed copy of your PLA report from CSMLS by mail.
  3. A copy of a CSMLS letter that says you are eligible to write the CSMLS MLT certification exam.
  4. A letter from an employer on hospital letterhead on their intent to hire you as an MLT along with the job description.
  5. All documents as outlined on the initial application.

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