Nova Scotia College of Medical Laboratory Technologists

Leave of Absence

Policy for Maternity Leave, Short Term Illness and Leave of Absence Up to One Year

It is the policy of the NSCMLT that MLTs on maternity leave, short term illness (STI), or those who will be taking a leave of absence for one year, are required to notify the College of such leave and must renew their appropriate licence at the stated deadlines.

To submit a Notice for Non-Practice to the college;

Such individuals still hold a MLT position and more than likely will return to practice within the following year; and therefore, will require their practising licence prior to returning to practice. This is meant to cover the majority of instances. If there is an unusual circumstance, e.g. the maternity leave will fall Jan 1 and the individual will take additional time to Dec 31, then the MLT should contact the College for further information. This policy ensures the individual has the proper licence when they return to practice.

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