Nova Scotia College of Medical Laboratory Technologists



Practicing Medical Laboratory Technologist   $375.00
Non-Practicing (Provisional) Medical Laboratory Technologist   $175.00
Temporary Practicing (Provisional) Medical Laboratory Technologist   $375.00
Retired Medical Laboratory Technologist   $25.00

Additional Registration Fees

Dec. 1 - 15th $50.00
Dec. 16th - Dec 31 $75.00
License Reactivation (after January 1)

Pro Rated Fees

Pro-rated fees apply for first time NSCMLT applicant only who are applying for a Practising membership license.

January: $375.00 July: $187.50
February: $343.74 August: $156.25
March: $312.50 September: $125.00
April: $281.25 October: $93.75
May: $250.00 November: $62.50
June: $218.75 December: $31.25


Administration fee (first time registrants) $100.00
Non Sufficient fund cheque/credit card $50 plus bank charges to NSCMLT
Letter of Standing Application:  
Member $50.00

Former Member

License Appeal  $1000.00
Seal of the College $50.00

Membership fees nonrefundable - A member who is registered for a day or a year, the cost for regulating that member is the same for the year. NSCMLT is required to provide readily available services

*All fees are in Canadian Dollars. Fees are set each year for licensing prior to the Annual Meeting by the Board of Directors.

Fees are due annually.

Please refer to Registration Policy REG.024 NSCMLT Fee Structure (found under Registration related Policies)

What Your Licensing Fees Are Used For

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