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Upon initial application Medical Laboratory Technoloigst (MLT) are required to pay a fee pro-rated to the month of application (See chart below).  Each year members are required to pay an annual fee to renew their license to practice legally as an MLT in Nova Scotia. 


Pay via Payroll Deduction With Your Employer: Some employers (CBS, IWK, NSH) offer a payroll deduction plan. Please contact your HR department to see if this option is available to you and to start the process.  A specific amount is deducted from each pay period over the year to collect the full amount for the next year's payment and submitted to NSCMLT on your behalf. 

Pay Online: Using your credit card through the application process.

Cheque: Personal cheque, certified cheque, or Canadian money order are payable to the Nova Scotia College of Medical Laboratory Technologists. 

E-Transfers: Sent to (e-transfer must include your full name and license #).

Remember your application will only be processed once all documents and payments are received. 

 There is no change to the annual license fee for 2022     2021/2022
Practicing Medical Laboratory Technologist   $375.00
Non-Practicing (Provisional) Medical Laboratory Technologist   $175.00
Temporary Practicing (Provisional) Medical Laboratory Technologist   $375.00


Medical Laboratory Technologist



License Reactivation (after January 1) Medical Laboratory Technologist   $475.00

Additional Registration Fees

Dec. 1 - 15th $50.00
Dec. 16th - Dec 31 $75.00

Pro Rated Fees

Pro-rated fees apply for first time NSCMLT applicant only who are applying for a Practising membership license.

January: $375.00 July: $187.50
February: $343.74 August: $156.25
March: $312.50 September: $125.00
April: $281.25 October: $93.75
May: $250.00 November: $62.50
June: $218.75 December: $31.25


Administration fee (first time registrants) $100.00
Non Sufficient fund cheque/credit card $50 plus bank charges to NSCMLT
Letter of Standing Application:  
Member $50.00

Former Member

License Appeal  $1000.00
Seal of the College $50.00

*All fees are in Canadian Dollars.

Membership Fees Non-refundable - A member who is registered for a day or a year, the cost for regulating that member is the same for the year. NSCMLT is required to provide readily available services.

Fees are set each year for licensing prior to the Annual Meeting by the Board of Directors.

Please refer to Registration Policy REG.024 NSCMLT Fee Structure (found under Registration related Policies)

Please note this fee does not include your professional liability insurance (PLI) that is required each year. 

What Your Licensing Fees Are Used For

NSCMLT uses the fees for the following:

Legislative: Board governance and education, MLT education program approval, entry level competencies, registration and licensing, changes to the MLT Act and Regulations, and complaints.

Member Services:  Practice support, standards of practice, code of ethics, policies, position statements, practice guidelines, practice review, and website and communication.

Operations: Staffing, IT support, finance, maintenance, office administration and equipment, office lease etc.


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Land AcknowledgementThe Nova Scotia College of Medical Laboratory Technologists is located in Mi’kma’ki, the ancestral and unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq. NSCMLT acknowledges the Peace & Friendship Treaties signed in this Territory and recognizing that we are all treaty people.

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