Nova Scotia College of Medical Laboratory Technologists

What NSCMLT Does

The Nova Scotia College of Medical Laboratory Technologists (NSCMLT) is responsible for regulating the practice of Medical Laboratory Technologists and medical laboratory technology under provincial legislation called the Nova Scotia College of Medical Laboratory Technologists Act, 2000 (NSCMLT Act) in the public interest. All Medical Laboratory Technologists in Nova Scotia must be licensed by the College to practice medical laboratory technology in Nova Scotia. 

The College is overseen by a Board of 8 professional members and three public members appointed by the NS government. The Board works with staff to regulate the medical laboratory practice and it's members to protect the public. The work of the College include: 

   *   Establish and maintain requirements for registration and renewals, set requirements for continuing education, monitor and maintain standards of practice, code of ethics and the development of policies that support the MLT to practice medical laboratory technology accurately, safely and ethically.

   *  Maintain a public roster

   *  Hold members accountable for their conduct by investigating concerns and complaints 

   *  Take action to prevent non-members from using restricted titles or perform testing without a license

   *  Provide funding for therapy and counselling in the event a client is sexually abused by a member

NSCMLT protects the public by holding accountable the licensed medical laboratory technologists. The College investigates complaints we receive from members, the public or co-workers or other health care professionals.

Please note we are not an educational College, but a licensing College

If you have a question about a Medical Laboraotry Technologist pracitce we are here to provide advice. 

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Land Acknowledgement - NSCMLT would like to begin by respectfully acknowleding that the province of Nova Scotia is the ancestral homelands of many diverse populations and acknowledge that we are on the traditional lands, referred to as Mi'kma'ki the ancestral and unceded territory of the Mi'kmaq People who are the founding people of Nova Scotia under the "Treaties of Peace and Friendship". We respect the Peace and Friendship treaties, we acknowledge the harms and mistakes of the past, and we dedicate ourselves to move forward in partnership with Indigenous communities in a spirit of reconciliation and collaboration.  

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