Nova Scotia College of Medical Laboratory Technologists

Complaint Decisions and Appeals

In accordance with the MLT Act, the committee may:

  • Dismiss the complaint
  • Attempt to resolve the complaint informally
  • Counsel or caution the MLT
  • Reprimand the MLT with their consent
  • Require the MLT to undergo treatment or re-education, with their consent
  • Refer the matter to a hearing committee (if a hearing is required, the information provided may need to be made public)
  • The Committee will file its decision and rational at the office of the College and provide both parties with a copy

Once a decision is reached, both you and the MLT will be notified in writing with a copy of the decision.

Hearing Committee

If the matter is referred to a hearing committee, the Board will form a committee that consist of at least three members of the Board, one of which must be a public representative.  A notice of the hearing will be provided to the complainant, the MLT, and will be made publicly available.  The Hearing Committee will conduct a hearing in accordance with the MLT Act, 2000.  In a hearing, the MLT is entitled to all the rights of natural justice, including:

  • The right to be present and to be represented by legal counsel
  • To know all the evidence 
  • To present evidence
  • To cross-examine witnesses

Upon hearing the evidence, the Hearing Committee will determine if the MLT is guilty of professional misconduct, conduct unbecoming of an MLT, or professional incompetence or incapacity.  If the Hearing Committee determines that the MLT is guilty, they may decide to:

  • Revoke the MLT's registration
  • Suspend the MLT's registration for a specified period
  • Impose conditions, limitations, or restrictions to the MLT's registration
  • Require the MLT to undergo treatment or re-education
  • Reprimand the MLT
  • Require the MLT to pay a fine to the College
  • Impose other dispositions it considers appropriate

Should the Hearing Committee find the member not guilty, the charges may be dismissed.

The  Hearing Committee will file its decision and rational with the College and provides  the complainant, the MLT  and other persons considered appropriate, with a copy.


The MLT may appeal on any point of law from the finding of the hearing committee to the NS Court of Appeal. The Court may, in its discretion, grant a stay of any order made, pending the Court's decision.

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